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Digital dynamic practical and expert accounting and business advisory firm that give youback the most important commodity – Time!


To power your business into the digital era with extremely efficient processes. A simple and stress-free experience that leverages technology and fires your business on all cylinders.

To Save Your Time And Nerves

No more being hostage to your legacy systems and processes. CloudAct works collaboratively with you to develop solutions that propel the growth of business to the next level. Providing high-value professional services across all our service lines.

To Connect You With Future:

We are breaking new ground. We’re innovating. We’re reimagining the possible. CloudAct team challenges existing approaches to everything. We build forward-thinking technology supported solution that integrate and then unlock business value for shareholders/owners/other stakeholders.

Our Client Service Principles

CloudAct is hired by leading C-suite executives who value the importance of leveraging their time and partnering with us to successfully execute their needs! We support our clients as they change the world! 


Practical Advice

We understand that you expect practical advice to help you reach your business goals.

Tangible Results

We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and effectively and provide insightful analysis to maximize results.

Team work-no “egos”

We believe in learning and understanding your business to develop a long-term client relationship.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are essential in our relationship and will never be comprised.

Who are our Clients?

We partner with law firms, private equity firms, and their portfolio companies and mix of global private and public companies (and their subsidiaries).



Here’s what others have been saying about us! 

Mayur was an important part of our Transaction Services/Capital Markets group leading complex divestiture transactions. He was a valued team member and showed in-depth commitment to his clients by being highly responsive and sensitive to project requirements.

He also blended seamlessly with cross-functional PwC colleagues across all practice areas and worked on delivering excellent client experiences.

All the best on your practice!

- John Nyholt, PwC Partner (Retired)

Transaction Services Leader Canada (Former)

Mayur was instrumental in assisting us with our smooth transition to NetSuite by working closely with our portfolio company’s internal accounting team to expedite the closure of complex and significant open issues from data migration – essentially, he supported us with Netsuite Rescue Project. 

Mayur was fantastic. Great accounting knowledge, great Netsuite knowledge, very responsive and a really good person.

Would hire him and his team again in a heartbeat.

- David McNeill, Managing Director

Prophet Equity

CloudAct has been an exceptional advisor, and an invaluable resource, to our accounting team over the course of a complex, multi-dimensional, project. CloudAct helped us resolve several complex technical accounting issues, and were highly responsive when helping us meet tight deadlines. CloudAct also helped us migrate our historic data to a new accounting system, and adopt other online tools, and diligently addressed any issues that arose in the conversion. CloudAct are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with them in the future.

- James Carr, CFO

Enbala Power Networks

Monkhouse Law has significantly grown for the past few years. CloudAct worked with us to assess our existing process and system and then support us to migrate to a new accounting and practice management system. CloudAct researched, analyzed, and helped lead the implementation of a new system that improved processes by making them more automated and efficient (billing, time tracking, financial metrics etc.). Then CloudAct team worked with my staff to significantly reduce our timeline to complete our monthly legal accounting and ensure our processes are “right-sized” for our mid-size firm.

Recently we were named Toronto’s fastest growing law firm in the Globe and Mails’ top 400 Fastest Growing Canadian companies, and Mayur was instrumental supporting us for that. It’s very common for CloudAct to go an extra mile to help their client succeed.

- Andrew Monkhouse

Monkhouse Law

We hired CloudAct a few years ago for our law firm’s growing accounting, bookkeeping and business consulting needs. I’ve worked with many accounting firms over the last 20 years and CloudAct really stands-out because they tailored their process to meet the business needs of our modernized cloud-based system (while other firms would only work exclusively with outdated systems like PC Law or QuickBooks). CloudAct’s response-times are very fast, often within an hour or two (if not instantly).

Their quality of work and advice is top-notch because Mayur genuinely cares for our business, which is why they’ve been an amazing partner. I highly recommend CloudAct.

- Louis Parent

Stanchieri Family Law

We’re huge fans of Mayur and his team at CloudAct. They have been instrumental in supporting our law firm’s books and records for monthly reporting. In addition, they are constantly advising us on broader system, accounting, finance and taxation issues (HST, Law Firm Returns and Personal Tax Returns).

They are always organized and on top of things. As a thriving and growing law firm, we must focus on business operation and CloudAct takes care of everything else (which is a massive sigh of relief).

I highly recommend working with CloudAct for all finance and operational aspects of your law firm.

- Matthew MacIsaac

MacIsaac Gow LLP

In complex and challenging transaction environment, it is crucial to surround yourself with professionals like Mayur. During the transaction process, we were not only seeking professional excellence from an advisor, but someone with whom my team and I can establish a rapport and who had a comprehensive understanding of our unique and complex transaction. We are also looking for a team with a strong sense of urgency and client need focus. I was pleased to see all these qualities in Mayur and his team. In addition, there was in-depth understanding of technical accounting and transaction issues at every turn. We were continually impressed with the knowledge and dedication of Mayur and his team.

- Howard Rosen, VP, Corporate Controller & Principal

Wesco Aircraft

Mayur worked with me and my team on highly complex and sensitive transaction, spread more than a year. During the entire transaction process, we received invaluable support relating to divestiture, sale advice and seller due diligence.

Mayur had an immense depth of experience and calmness ‘at the coalface’ in all aspects of transaction management, structuring and negotiation.

No matter how fast a response was needed, how complex the situation or how much pressure was ‘in play,’ Mayur and his team went above the call of duty to deliver whatever needed, when it was needed – even if an all-night vigil was required! 

- Roger Gasper, CFO

Masthercell Global, Inc.

Mayur and his team was an invaluable asset post transaction financial integration of books and records of our significant acquisition. Their experience in guiding company through the process was tremendously helpful, and the quality of work and commitment excellent. They were able to tackle complex issues quickly and with the right advice.

Very often considered Mayur’s team as an extension of our accounting team.

We could not have completed the process as smoothly without their assistance.

- Richard Hamel, CFO

United BioSource

Did you know?

CloudAct works to you immediate and unprecedented access to information and data for informed decision maker. From anywhere, anytime, on any device. Literally.

Our Leadership

Mayur is a CPA with 17 years of experience spread between PwC (in Canada and US) and Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited (“Fairfax”). At PwC, he was a Director with Transaction Services Practice, and at Fairfax, he was Director of Finance with two publicly traded companies.

His experience includes advising private entity firms (their portfolio companies), and global public and private companies with their various complex transaction, project management, financial reporting, complex ERP conversion and financial transformation.

In addition, he has hands-on experience advising leading law firms of various sizes on cloud migration, legal accounting, determination and presentation of KPIs, Taxation planning and structuring and advise structure merger and acquisitions.

In his spare time, Mayur loves to spend time with his lovely wife and two beautiful daughters traveling with them to new destinations.

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